• Countertop Knife Blocks

    Countertop Knife Blocks (57)

    Countertop knife blocks are a popular storage medium. They keep knives contained, organized and within arm’s reach on your kitchen counter. Purchased alone, or included as part of a knife set, these knife blocks are commonly crafted from hardwood and offer a safe, accessible storage solution for your kitchen. They feature multiple slots and various configurations, so you have plenty of options for accommodating your unique knife collection. Many cooks prefer a countertop knife block for the convenience of having their knives easily within reach. However, if you have a small kitchen, countertop knife blocks may take up too much valuable counter space, so keep size in mind while you shop. With so many unique sizes and styles to choose from, countertop knife blocks can be a visible medium that allows you to display your favorite cutlery with style.
  • In-Drawer Knife Blocks & Trays

    In-Drawer Knife Blocks & Trays (32)

    In-drawer knife blocks offer the same convenience as countertop knife blocks, but allow you to safely store your knives in a kitchen drawer. By keeping them contained in a dedicated storage medium, in-drawer knife blocks prevent your knives from becoming dull or damaged. They also prevent potential injuries that could otherwise occur from storing your free-floating knives in a kitchen drawer. If you have limited counter space, in-drawer knife blocks will help you keep your knives organized, protected and tucked away until you need them. These space-saving products come on a variety of sizes and configurations, and most can accommodate an assortment of knives. If you have a small kitchen or simply want your knives out of sight, an in-drawer knife block may be just what you need. If you don’t have a drawer that is easily accessible from your prep space, however, an in-drawer knife block may not be your best option, so consider your kitchen layout before buying. If you do decide on an in-drawer knife block, be sure to measure your drawers before you shop, so you can be sure the product you select will be perfect for your kitchen and your needs.
  • Knife Block Sets

    Knife Block Sets (51)

    We can’t help but be skeptical about knife block sets. As with cookware sets, their biggest selling point has always been the number of pieces the manufacturer can cram into the package, not the usefulness or quality of the blades themselves. Most collections are loaded not only with superfluous pieces but also with ones that are impractical or even useless. In the test kitchen, we’ve always maintained that there are just three truly essential knives: a chef’s knife, a paring knife, and a serrated bread knife. Beyond that, a boning knife, a slicing knife (for carving meat), and a good pair of kitchen shears can make certain tasks easier. But anything other than these six pieces is filler.
  • Knife Blocks with Cutlery Trays

    Knife Blocks with Cutlery Trays (1)

    Though they are less represented in the knife storage market, some manufacturers offer smaller, in-drawer knife blocks that are combined with a cutlery tray system. These trays feature divided sections for all of the standard cutlery pieces, but also include a specialized knife block partition for safely storing your knives. The inclusion of these knife block segments allows you to store all of your tableware in one convenient location. Because knife block/cutlery tray systems are intended mainly for steak knives, they do not present a comprehensive storage solution for your entire knife collection. However, if you want to consolidate your dinner and steak knives with your remaining cutlery, these knife blocks are a useful option that will allow you to keep servingware separate from your kitchen and prep knives, and add better organization to your kitchen.
  • Magnetic Knife Blocks & Racks

    Magnetic Knife Blocks & Racks (60)

    Magnetic knife blocks, also referred to as magnetic knife strips, are a space-saving option that will keep all of your knives organized and close at hand. These strips mount to the wall of your kitchen, and their strong magnets keep knife blades held securely in place. Magnetic knife strips are an especially useful storage option for small kitchens that have neither the counter nor drawer space for conventional knife blocks. Available in a variety of lengths and finishes, these strips accommodate any size knife, and some even feature attached storage hooks so that you can hang other frequently used kitchen gear within arms’ reach. Most magnet strips require screws for mounting, so if putting holes in your kitchen wall is a problem, this may not be the organizational tool for you. Also, depending on your preferences for kitchen decor, magnetic knife strips may not be the most aesthetically satisfying storage solution due to their utilitarian appearance. Overall, however, magnetic knife strips are an incredibly versatile, accessible and efficient way to store you knife collection.
  • Top 10 Knife Blocks: Best Selling Knife Blocks

    Top 10 Knife Blocks: Best Selling Knife Blocks (10)

    Our top 10 list of the best selling knife blocks of 2013.
  • Unique Knife Blocks

    Unique Knife Blocks (6)

    Just as the name suggests, unique knife blocks include those that are a fusion of concepts, completely original in design or simply a whimsical spin on knife storage. From the utilitarian to the absolutely hilarious, the wide variety of unique knife blocks offers a little something for everyone. We’ve seen innovative storage ideas, pieces with artistic flair and even a voodoo doll or two. These unique knife blocks are definitely for those cooks who don’t mind thinking outside of the box.
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